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Clothing the Gaps

Clothing the Gap Kids Keep the Fire Burning Tee

Clothing the Gap Kids Keep the Fire Burning Tee

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Keep the Fire Burning NAIDOC 2024 Kids Tee

First Nations Mob have kept the fire burning for generations and the NAIDOC theme acknowledges that the “fire represents the enduring strength and vitality of Indigenous cultures, passed down through generations despite the challenges faced.” (NAIDOC Committee, 2024).

This tee is extra fun with some glitter highlights in the campfire flames.

This Ally Friendly NAIDOC collection is a reminder of enduring strength and resistance of Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander Communities but, also of the role of all people to Keep The First Burning and the momentum going. 

Materials: 100% cotton
Care Instructions: Machine wash. Do not bleach. Hang in shade. View full details