In the languages of the Bundjalung, Gamilaroi and Wiradjuri, Boomalli means to strike; to make a mark.

Boomalli is the longest running Aboriginal owned and run arts organisation dedicated to supporting and promoting NSW language group artists.

Boomalli provides a safe space for our artists to exhibit, work and tell their stories through their art. 

We operate within a lateral Co-operative structure with senior artists supporting and mentoring new and emerging artists. 

Boomalli’s gallery, studio and retail space is located at 55-59 Flood Street, Leichhardt in Sydney’s Inner West. We host regular exhibitions and community events here and across other Sydney venues. 

We are a welcoming and inclusive space for everyone and hope to see you at the gallery soon!


Boomalli Aboriginal Artists Co-operative was established in 1987 by ten founding member artists.

They were Euphemia Bostock, Fiona Foley, Michael Riley (dec.), Tracey Moffatt, Jeffrey Samuels, Bronwyn Bancroft, Avril Quaill, Fern Martens, Arone Meeks (dec.), and Brenda L. Croft.

These ten artists were striving for recognition from the mainstream art society and their diversity was unparalleled. They challenged preconceptions around urban- based Aboriginal artists and created a unique space for themselves within the art world.

Boomalli’s journey has included many highs and lows, but we have survived. We have persisted at every turn to stay open for our Artists and the wider community. We survive on very little funds and lots of love, hard work and dedication from staff, volunteers and supporters.

Our goal is to restore the artistic voices of NSW Aboriginal people, first colonized and last recognized.